Field of view Tuareg 660: a lens on the alpine pastures

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Field of view Tuareg 660: a lens on the alpine pastures

He’s a photographer who specialised in fashion and has always been passionate about motorcycling.

Adriano Cisani, astride his Tuareg 660, rode from Milan to the mountains for the first meeting with “his” cow amidst the high mountain pastures. This is his story, with a video produced for the occasion, a story of personal points of view and individual growth, with a love for two-wheelers.
Photographer Adriano Cisani specialises in fashion and art photography. For his passion and work, he has to constantly challenge himself in search of new stimuli, new stories and new emotions to capture with his camera. He owes much to the city where he works, Milan, a city that, as he says, gives you energy but at the same time takes it away. And this is why every now and then it is necessary for him to escape the traffic of Milan on his Tuareg 660.
The occasion to set off on this new adventure is one of those special ones that take you back in time, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, putting you in contact with the simple and genuine nature of the high mountain pastures. As a birthday present,  Adriano was given the certificate of adoption of Rata, a dairy cow! What better excuse than this to get on his motorbike and ride up to the alpine pastures, among the breath-taking views and magnificent roads around the Maniva pass?

Adriano and the cows: symbolism and inspiration.

“I’ve always been fascinated by this animal that is so powerful and yet at the same time so friendly and tame. I consider a cow to be the perfect synthesis of contrasts, a bit like the fusion of yin and yang. My very first stuffed animal was a little cow, and even though my first encounter as a child with a real cow was traumatic – I got gored – this connection remained over the years, until my uncle gave me this adoption certificate for Rata. It’s a start-up project that supports young alpine breeders and every month gets me some cheese – delicious! – made from the milk of the adopted cows.”

The meaning of being a biker.

“Travelling by motorbike allows you to get into direct contact with what is around you. A motorbike is the perfect vehicle for reaching the places I’m looking for – the most isolated ones – to find the best stimuli and inspirations for my shots. Unlike a car, a motorbike facilitates more direct communication, and in a way it generates a more immediate empathy with the people you meet. It may sound  trivial, but seeing someone approach you on a motorbike – hearing them from a distance – helps to break down communication barriers. What’s more, riding a motorbike for me is an educational activity in so many ways. It can help you face life’s problems from a different perspective, with greater awareness of your own resources; it’s something that makes you grow, the moment you realise you’re capable of overcoming the challenges that the road presents.”

Educational experiences on two wheels.

“I will certainly never forget my first time solo in the Agriates desert in Corsica, where it was just me, my bike, and a tent. Spending nights in the cold under the starry sky was an incredible experience. Being isolated for days in the ‘wild’ environment of a relatively remote area like that really made me re-evaluate so many aspects of life. When you set off on a journey like that, you have a heightened sense of how vulnerable and ‘small’ we are compared to the nature surrounding us. On a motorbike, the constant presence of risk, even if it’s only marginal, forces you to sharpen your senses, to stay focused on everything around you. Then if the unexpected does happen, that’s when you feel most alive. When it happened to me, I skid out and my bike went flying into the current of a river, my instinctive response, after the first moment of panic, was to retrieve the bike as quick as possible, fix what could be fixed and try to start again. It’s from overcoming challenges like this that you learn how every obstacle, big and small – in motorcycling as in life – has to be faced head-on.”

Thanks to the ability to reach even the most inaccessible places and the freedom to stop anywhere, to capture and immortalize the perfect moment, the Tuareg 660 is Adriano’s ideal work companion. With the fusion of two of his passions, photography and motorcycling, the Tuareg 660 has become the ultimate means of transforming every ride into an adventure and every trip into a mission, always in search of the best shot, the right atmosphere, and the most powerful stories to be told, with the camera lens as a filter, guided by his instinct and creativity.